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Imperfect | Mobius knot decorative soy wax candle

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Imperfect | Mobius large knot decorative soy wax candle

In the spirit of zero waste, I am offering my imperfect candles at an attractive price.

Why choose imperfect candles?

- zero waste aesthetic candles

- Natural soy wax

- unscented & vegan


What can you expect from an imperfect candle?
⫸ Too many air bubbles for my taste
⫸ Mild scratch
⫸ Wax Texture
⫸ Frosting (it is a natural reaction for soy wax)

The availability is fluctuating as I am not producing imperfect candles on purpose 😅.
More will be added after every production batch.

Dimensions & Weight

13 x 11.5 x 8 cm Weight: 470


Soy wax & cotton wick

Candle Care

Our decorative candles are designed to be ornamental, however, if you do choose to light them up please place on a heatproof dish/tray on a level surface, away from anything flammable and never leave a burning candle unattended.
Because they do not have a container they will melt quicker and the wax may pour onto furniture otherwise.
To avoid shape and colour change, keep your candle away from sources of heat and light.