Why is my candle tunneling?

It is important that your first burn is approximately 2-3 hours OR until your candle reaches a full melt pool (melted wax from edge to edge) before you blow your candle out. Doing this will ensure an even burn throughout your candle's life.


Why is there a lot of smoke when I light my candle?

Trim your wick! Make sure your wick is always trimmed to 1/4" before you relight your candle! Your first burn should be good to go, as I properly trim each wick before shipping. Before you relight your candle, gently pinch (or cut) the burnt tips of your wick.


Where do you ship?

We only ship in the UK for now.


Why is my decorative candle frosting (white coating)?

This is normal due to the natural nature of soy wax that we use for our decorative candles. It won't affect how your candle burns.